Calm, Restore
& Enhance

bringing balance

Mother Earth's Jewellery

To calm, heal, restore and enhance emotional and spiritual balance. Ancient civilisations learned that when worn against the skin, the energies of crystals would work with the human electromagnetic field to bring about an energetic shift. For thousands of years crystals have been used to calm, heal, restore and enhance emotional and spiritual balance.

Pranadi Malas are handmade using the highest grade, natural crystals, individually selected and grouped to bringing forth the power of the stones.

African Turquoise

Communication, Development, Growth, Optimism, Positivity, Prosperity, Protection, Wisdom


Balancing, Dispels Negative Energy/blockages, Manifester of Universal Love, Soothes Emotional Trauma


Balance, Intuition, Luck, Master Healer, Meditation, Self-Awareness, Serenity

Angel Aura

Aid Communication & Psychic Gifts, Angelic Guidance, Aura Healing, Emotional Peace, Encourages Loving Communication, Facilitates Remembering Soul Lessons, Highly Supportive Spiritual Energy
(Quartz Bonded with Platinum)


Acceptance, Angelic Connection, Communication, Compassion, Growth, Intuition, Tranquillity


Creativity, Insight, Imagination, Increases Learning Abilities, Self-Confidence


Calming, Earth Healer, Acceptance, Flexibility, Patience, Stabilises Spiritual Development

Black Onyx

Balancing, Grounding, Making Wise Decisions, Protective, Self Confidence


Grounding, Mystical & Magical Properties, Powerful Healer, Reduces Impatience (Irritability & Aggressiveness), Revitaliser

Blue Angel Aura

Aid Communication & Psychic Gifts, Angelic Guidance, Emotional Peace, Loving Communication, Facilitates Remembering Soul Lessons
(Quartz Bonded with Gold)

Butter Jade

Assists in Recognising Who You Are, Inner Peace, Purity, Sacred Crystal, Serenity


Calming, Cleansing, Creativity, Energising, Live Your Purpose, Mental Healer, Powerful Amplifier, Releasing


Communication, Concentration, Confidence, Happiness, Power, Strength


Calming, High Vibrational Crystal, Mental Clarity, Fluent Communication, Promotes Purity of Heart, Teacher for the New Age


Courage, Emotional Balance, Endurance, Energy, Insight, Kindness, Friendliness, Inspires Strength, Nurturing, Stamina, Vitality


Brings Insightful Visions of Past Lives, Reveals Life Plan, Teaching Acceptance of Present Moment as Perfect, Transformation


Abundance, Alignment, Creativity, Prosperity, Protection, Success

Clear Quartz

Cleansing, Energy Amplifier, High Vibrational, Master Healer

Fancy Jasper

Builds Inner Strength, Enjoyment of Life, Healing, Intensifies and Lightens Feelings of Wellbeing, Wholeness

Fire Lace Opal

Abundance, Awakens Inner Fire, Enhancer of Personal Power

Flower Jasper

Balancing, Brings Joy, Calm, Lifts Spirits, Nurturing, Shielding


Centering, Cleansing, Concentration, Heightens Intuitive Powers, Organisation, Stabilising Aura, Stress Relief

Green Aventurine

Abundance, Compassion, Creativity, Empathy, Good Luck, Friendship, Prosperity, Success, Tranquillity

Green Line Quartz

Abundance, Brings Success and Prosperity, Master Healer, Stimulates Creativity and Intuition, Transforms Negative Energies into Positive Energies

Grey Quartz

Balance, Clarity, Communication with Higher Self & Spirit Guides, Harmonising, Master Healer, Unblocking Energy


Confidence, Creativity, Memory, Patience, Prepares Mind to Receive Wisdom, Self-Awareness, Tranquillity


Balancing, Calming, Communication, Dispels Energy Blockages, Encourages Psychic Abilities, Tranquillity


Balance, Bringer of Light Containing Esoteric Knowledge, Clairvoyance, Compassion, Love, Protection, Raising Consciousness

Lapis Lazuli

Clarity, Communication, Confidence, Dreamwork, Growth, Inner Power, Intuition, Organisation, Protection, Truth


Cleansing, Grounding, Enhances Psychic Abilities, Grounding, Protection, Stimulates Inner Visions, Strong Connection to Earth/Nature


Aids Decision Making, Facilities Spiritual Journeying, Increases Focus, Overcoming Emotional Issues, Stress Reduction

Lilac Jade

Assists in Recognising Who You Are, Inner Peace, Sacred Crystal, Symbol of Purity Serenity and Nurturing

Lotus Jasper

Assists in Dream Recall, Balances Yin & Yang, Grounding, Protection, Supreme Nurturer


Abundance, Adventure, Harmony, Healing, Love, Soul Cleanse, Success, Transformation

Malachite (Red)

Calm, Mind Opening, Peace and Reflection from Within, Protection, Reflection

Moonstone (Peach)

Calms Emotions, Clears Outdated Emotional Patterning, Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Soothing, Spiritual Crystal with a High Vibration of Light

Moonstone (Rainbow)

Calms Emotions, Clears Outdated Emotional Patterning, Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Crystal with a High Vibration of Light


Compassion, Healing, Joy, Love of Life Itself & All Living Things, Romance

Peace Jade

Protection, Peace, Serenity, Tranquillity
(not actually a Jade but a mixture of white quartz, green serpentine and lavender stitchtite)


Picasso Jasper

Attractive Positive People, Friendship, Grounding, Self-Discipline, Strength, Support

Purple Rutilated Quartz

Cleansing, Energises the Aura, Draws Off Negative Energy, Illuminator for the Soul, Let Go of the Past, Protection Against Ill Thought Of Others, Spiritual Growth

Red Jasper

Absorbed Negative Energy, Balancing Yin & Yang, Extremely Stable and Protective Grounding Crystal, Supportive in All Areas of Your Life


Builds Confidence, Calms and Support Mind Body & Soul, Soothes Nervous System in Times of Trauma

Rose Quartz

Balance, Compassion, Friendship, Love, Protection, Tranquillity

Ruby Zoisite

Communication with Spirit, Courage, Purges Fear, Strength, Vitality

Rutilated Quartz

Cleanses & Energises Aura, Draws off Negative Energy, Illuminator for the Soul, Protection against Ill Thoughts of Others, Spiritual Growth


Calming, Clears Confusion, Meditation, Peace, Psychic Development, Purification, Serenity, Spirituality


Balancing, Detoxification, Enhances Spiritual Exploration, Focus, Retrieval of Wisdom

Smoky Quartz

Detoxification, Endurance, Grounding, Organisation, Protection, Regeneration, Transformation, Transmuting Negative Energies


Awareness, Communication, Confidence, Create Order, Dissolves Guilt, Intuition, Knowledge, Vitality, Will-Power

Strawberry Quartz

Anxiety, Auric Healing, Dream Work, Energy Enhancing, Self-Love


Awareness of Own Value, Heightens Intuition, Lifts Dark Moods, Overcomes Procrastination, Revitalising, Self-Empowerment

Tiger's Eye (Blue)

Clarity, Communication, Draws Spiritual Energies to Earth, Protective, Providers Insight into Internal Conflicts and Emotional Issues

Tiger's Eye (Golden)

Draws Spiritual Energies to Earth, Grounding, High Vibrational, Instils Trust in the Future, Protective Crystal

Tourmalinated Quartz

Grounding, Facilitates Out of Body Experiences, Master Healer, Protection, Transmutes Negative into Positive


Attracts Inspiration, Balance, Compassion, Grounding, Tolerance, Prosperity, Releases Tension

White Agate

Balance, Calming, Protection, Releasing, Soothing, Spiritual Growth