EXquisitely UNIQUE

Handcrafted Mala

Manifest your intentions with a custom designed, hand knotted, 108 bead crystal mala.

A Mala Necklace Made Specially For You & Infused With Your Intention

Experience the beauty and significance of a personally designed, crystal mala necklace for you or a loved one. We work with you to gain an insight into your desires for your unique mala and hand create the perfect piece. Whether your crystal selections are purposeful and supportive or simply stones that you love, we will use our expertise to fulfil your needs.

To start the journey for the design of your custom mala, we gather as much information as possible to begin the process. Below are our key questions, but feel free to share any information you wish to guide us using the enquiry form below. We will advise on the benefits of each of the crystals in order to create the most powerful mala for you.

Who is the mala for?
Is the mala for you or is it a gift?

What is your intention for this mala?
What do you/your loved one want the mala to bring to the wearer?

What colours or crystals are you drawn to?
What colours or crystals would you like to avoid? 

Do you like random or balanced patterns?
If you prefer an asymmetrical design, we will place your chosen stones into a crystal bowl and let the Universe determine the design. If you prefer a more symmetrical design, we will create a balanced design for you to approve. How about including your life path number in the design of your mala?

Individually designed PRANADI Malas range in price starting from £99 as it's dependent on the crystals selected. Once we have finalised your crystal selection, we will confirm the price of your mala prior to creating it.

Payment will be required once crystals are selected and prior to the mala being brought to life. :-) 


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